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Celebrating the hundreds of people who transformed their lives with the help of Brain Integration Therapy

/// Marcy F.

I was a mediocre student who couldn't remember information. Writing papers was a struggle, and tests were a nightmare. It seemed like no matter how hard I studied, I couldn't remember much. I just figured that I wasn't very intelligent. Reading for pleasure suffered because any time I picked up my book I couldn't remember what had happened in the story. I hated that I always had to re-read paragraphs, pages and whole chapters. I just had a hard time keeping focused. I would read pages and pages while my mind wandered. As the years went on I learned to compensate with whatever coping skills I developed to be able to function in the workplace.


When I started working with Holly I noticed some changes in myself that seemed kind of subtle. First, I noticed an increase in motivation which really surprised me. As my therapy went on I noticed at work that my mind seemed to be less chaotic and my ability to remember number sequences dramatically improved. I realized that I could maintain focus and multi-task much more easily. Now I get more done, more quickly. For me this is just an amazing development!


The most thrilling result is the clarity I now have when I read for pleasure . I can remember characters and plot without having to re-read everything a bunch of times. Reading is so much more gratifying now!


I would recommend BIT to anyone who struggles with the issues I have struggled with. It is so worth it!

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