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Celebrating the hundreds of people who transformed their lives with the help of Brain Integration Therapy

/// Holly Calmus

I was searching for anything to help my daughter struggling with academics. My husband and I did not want to medicate our daughter and we were looking for alternative ways to help her succeed in school with no side effects. We found Dr. Shelese Pratt and she was able to help our daughter with Brain Integration Therapy and with naturopathic medicine. The changes we saw in our daughter were enough for me to decide to become a Brain Integration Therapist, learning under Susan McCrossin at The Crossinology® Institute so I can help others.

I was a mediocre student who couldn't remember information. Writing papers was a struggle, and tests were a nightmare. It seemed like no matter how hard I studied, I couldn't remember much... 

...When I started working with Holly I noticed some changes in myself that seemed kind of subtle. First, I noticed an increase in motivation which really surprised me. As my therapy went on I noticed at work that my mind seemed to be less chaotic and my ability to remember number sequences dramatically improved. 


Dyslexia add adhd brain integration holistic wellness brain balance
Dyslexia add adhd brain integration holistic wellness brain balance

/// Marcy F. 

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